Flame cutting

You can choose between two different processes.

Oxy-fuel cutting, which uses a propane-oxygen flame, is generally suitable for cutting all types of low-alloy steel with good results.


IIn the field of oxy-fuel cutting, we have opted for two Suprarex Big machines with a track width of 5.5 metres from the manufacturer Esab Cutting Systems.
Our modern equipment also includes 5 oxy-fuel cutters with automatic internal ignition and flame monitoring.
The height control is also integrated and permits extremely fast cutting speeds, while maintaining consistently high quality. We are able to cut material thicknesses of up to 200 mm. The working area is 3 x 12 metres.

By ionising gases using electrical power, this process produces a constricted plasma light arc, which melts the material with its high thermal energy and the kinetic energy of the plasma gas.


In the field of fine plasma cutting, we have also chosen the same guiding machine. We can therefore manufacture sheet metal thicknesses of up to 35 mm economically and with fast cutting times. The newest cutting technology facilitates right-angled cuts that are virtually free of waste. The plasma power source with an output of 360 amps equipped with one PT36 flame cutter is particularly suitable for the cutting of small bores in thin sheet metals.
The working area of 3 x 12 metres leaves nothing to be desired.

If you wish, we can also supply you with flame cut parts that have been stress-relief annealed. In this case, the parts are annealed in a bogie hearth furnace with internal dimensions of 1000 x 1500 x 1000 mm and a maximum working weight of 12000 kg.
The maximum operating temperature of this furnace is 1000°C.

Weld preparation or material tapering of all thicknesses of sheet metal and all types of contour.

We bend your sheets precisely up to a length of 4mtr. 

Straightening is done with a straightening press with a press capacity of 100 tonnes. The desired flatness can also be achieved by the use of flame straighteners.

We have a wheel blast machine with a through-put width of 1500 mm and a height of 600 mm, enabling us to offer you scale-free cut blanks.


In addition, we have a belt shot blast machine for small parts.

Thanks to our finishing department, we are in a position to offer a complete product portfolio from flame-cut parts to fully finished welded structures, which, if required, can also be coated – all under a single roof. Working area: 1600 x 800 x 800.

Structural steels according to EN 10025-2



High-tensile fine-grained steels according to EN 10025-6



Quenching and tempering steels according to EN 10083



Non-alloy heat-resistant steels according to EN 10028-2



Alloyed quenching and tempering steels according to EN 10083



Alloyed case-hardened steel according to EN 10084



Wear-resistant steels